Q: When should I book our newborn session?

A: Your Newborn session should be booked as soon as possible, after learning your due date.

This ensures that we will not miss the preferred time window after baby's birth to get the optimal results during the session. I will reserve your session between 5-14 days after your due date.

Q:When is the best time to photograph my baby?

A: The best time to photograph your baby is between 5- 14 days after baby's birth. This allows time to develop a feeding and resting schedule, and also to allow some of the "puffiness" that occurs right after birth to go away. 

This perfect window allows us to achieve those dreamy, bendy, sleepy poses that are so popular in newborn photography. Past this window, babies tend to become fussier, gassier, and have already developed those preferences of how they like to position themselves for sleep, and are easier to startle and wake, making for a very long session, or undesirable facial expressions in the images. 

When babies are relaxed, sleepy, and comfortable, we tend to get more images to add to your gallery. 


Q:How long is a Newborn session?

A:Newborn sessions can be as short as 1 hour, or as long as 3 hours. This all depends on baby, and how comfortable and sleepy they are. Sometimes a baby just will not sleep until they are 100% relaxed and comfortable. I allow up to 3 hours to provide time for soothing, feeding, changing, and just cuddling your baby. Once baby is happy, we will move through the poses and props, and take as much time as we need to make sure you have plenty of beautiful images in your gallery. 

Q:What if my baby just will not sleep?

A:Sometimes this just happens. If we have not met a suitable number of images for your gallery, we can reschedule for another day. Although this 5-14 day window is preferred, it IS possible to achieve beautiful images with a slightly older baby, but the expectations for the best poses is slightly lowered. There will be a small fee to hold an additional session.


Q:What is included in my Newborn session?

A:Your Newborn session includes unlimited pre-session consultations either by telephone, or by email.During the consultation, we will discuss your session. We can plan color schemes for backdrops and wraps, which poses you like or don't like, clothing options for mom, dad, and siblings. We can address any questions or concerns you may have prior to the session, and just go over the expectations you have for your session. 

Your session includes up to 3 hours of session time in my studio. Upon arrival, baby will be fed and soothed prior to being wrapped or posed. We will use the selection for wraps backdrops, and props as previously discussed, otherwise a selection will have been made for you prior to your arrival. You will have access to all my materials in my studio to completely customize your session.

Once baby is content, we will place them in the perfect poses either on the beanbag/backdrops, or in the props we have chosen. We will move through 3-4 setups, with breaks in between for more feedings, changing, or soothing, if necessary.

After your session, I will sort through the images and discard any images that are not favorable for viewing, if any, and I will upload them all into a gallery without editing, so that you may select the images you would like to have edited. Once the selection has been made, I will hand edit each photo you have selected, and upload them into your final gallery, where you may download them.  If you would like to have professional prints made, or an album of your images created for you, these are available at an additional cost. 


Q: I want to be photographed with baby. What should I wear?

A: I love it when parents choose to be in the images with their brand new baby! I recommend for parents (and siblings) to wear solid, neutral colors such as cream, ivory, blush, grey, or black. It is best to avoid outfits with too much color, or pattern, as it competes for attention that should be on the baby. This also helps to keep your images clean, and timeless, as trendy colors and patterns can date your images.  Also, the studio is kept very warm to ensure baby's comfort, so I recommend wearing, or bringing a light, comfortable shirt in case you get too warm. 

Q: What should I bring for baby to wear?

A: Unless you have a special keepsake outfit, or something you would love to have your baby photographed in, you do not have to bring anything for baby to wear. Baby will be in wrapped and unwrapped (naked) poses. I have a selection of boutique newborn headbands, hats, and outfits that are provided for  your session. 


Q: Can I bring my family?

A: My studio space is very limited, and for this reason, sessions will be only for baby, parents, siblings of baby, and if needed, grandparents. If one parent is coming by themselves, I will allow you to bring a support person (Relative, friend, etc.).